Christopher Smith May 26-27

Special Module with Christopher Smith - MAY 26-27, 2018 - For Trevor Chetcuti see below

Nutritional Management of Autoimmune diseases

Chris will make you aware of the complaints your patients present and the interaction with the immune system that is commonly related.

Symptoms like tiredness, memory issues, muscle pains, joint aches, inflammations, blood pressure problems, food intolerance, psoriasis , rheumatic conditions, thyroid symptoms, Lupus, vascular problems, anaemia, infertility, migraines, intestinal problems, diabetes type 1, MS, drooping eyelids, neck en shoulder pains, different kind of emotional reactions are often autoimmune related.

Come and learn what causes autoimmune diseases, how to diagnose and treat them in an optimal way.

All delegates will be supplied with Immunoglobulin and TH1 and TH2  test samples and given insight in orthomolecular and herbal supplements.

Pathology will be refreshed and most important relations of how the immune system works will be explained: Ig A, E, G & M relations, the innate- and adaptive Immune System, etc. The ever important connections to bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, gut infections, heavy metals and toxins will be repeated.

Chris will also be including his latest seminar on Epigenetics v Genetic Determinism. He will be showing delegates how to test for individual chromosomal polymorphisms and how to epigenetically manage these using nutritional supplements. 


  • Identify Autoimmune diseases, what they are and get familiar with their nutritional management.
  • Understand how the immune system wrongly attacks part of the body.
  • Recognize the triggers that make the immune system produce antibodies.
  • Select which biomarkers are used to confirm that a disease is autoimmune.
  • "Turn up" and "turn down" the immune system activity.
  • Distinguish what naturally occurring chemicals in foods can cause autoimmune diseases and how to test for them.
  • Determine which detoxification systems are required to metabolize each of these common ingested chemicals.


Location: Antwerp-Edegem, Ter Elst Hotel

Overnachting vanaf € 80.10,- indien u op tijd boekt via Ter Elst Hotel of

Time: Saturday May 26th   9.30 - 17.30 and Sunday May 27th   9.00 - 16.00h.

Cost: € 475,-   (KMO-portefeuille beschikbaar).

Would you like to attend? Send an e-mail to geert [dot] drenth [at] gmail [dot] com (geert.drenth and) confirm your place. Limited to 30 participants (max amount the location can hold)



Chris Astill-Smith is a Registered Osteopath graduating from the British School of Osteopathy 1970. Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at the British School of Osteopathy 1973-80 and in Arthrology and Myology 1981-89. He obtained his Diplomate from the International College of Applied Kinesiology 1988 and lectures internationally on Functional Biochemistry most weekends. Awarded Assistant Professor status at the Institute for Manual Medicine, Russia 1992. Chris calls upon 41 years of experience of clinical management and will share with you his extensive knowledge in the subject as well as a multitude of clinical pearls.




 “Chris Astill-Smith is the true physician, he applies the healing action of Applied Kinesiology with the knowledge, love and the intelligent intuition that comes from his grasp of functional physiology.  Best of all he teaches this in a clearly competent fashion.”


George J. Goodheart D.C., D.I.B.A.K.,




"Chris Astill-Smith is a renowned teacher and one of the most creative AK thinkers in the world. He will impress you by both his vast knowledge and his simple clinical applications."


Walter H. Schmitt. Jr., D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N.




"Chris Astill-Smith has the ability to make the most complex biochemistry both simple and easy to understand and incorporate into everyday practice. His 41 years of clinical experience and vast knowledge make Chris one of the great teachers in the world today. I cannot recommend his seminars more highly."


Eric Pierotti DC DO Ch.D (Adel) President ICAK




Chris is a master of nutrition. His ideas have bailed me out of countless situations. My years of clinical experience tell me what to do when I find a nutritional deficiency, but Chris has taught me how to answer the question of etiology with confidence."


Michael Allen D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N.




Special Module with Trevor Chetcuti - June 2-3, 2018 - For Trevor Chetcuti see below - ORGANISED BY ICAK-BENELUX - eddy [dot] deproft [at] telenet [dot] be">eddy [dot] deproft [at] telenet [dot] be

ICAK-Benelux invites you on a unique
Dr. Trevor Chetcuti graduated in 1999 with a double degree in Chiropractic and Clinical Science.  He holds a Diplomate from the International Board of Applied Kinesiology, is the current chairman of the ICAK International's Board of Research and Standards, is chair of ICAK-Australia's research arm and is certified in NET.
Trevor has a passion for stress and stress related disorders and spent 2 decades researching and developing procedures to deal with stress related disorders. This has culminated in the development of a 110 hour neuroimmunology program for Applied Kinesiology trained practitioners.


Reduced Rate attending

May 26-27: Christopher Smith
Autoimmune effects you can do something about


June 2-3: Trevor Chetcuti
The Barrier Protection System

€ 700 
(KMO-portefeuille available = € 420)
 icakbenelux [at] gmail [dot] com (icakbenelux [at] gmail [dot] com) 
The barrier protection system is the primary defence we have from our environment. It is potentially one of the most important systems in the human body, yet most practitioners have little understanding of the functionn, assessment or correction.
What we'll cover
  • Science behind Barrier Protection System
  • Brain-Immune connection
  • Balancing the HPA axis
  • Role of IgA
  • Dysglycaemia
  • Food Sensitiity, molecular mimicry and barrier breach
  • Infections of the Barrier Protection System
  • Stabilizing gluathione and metalothionein's role in Barrier Protection
  • TMJ, trigeminal dysfunction and the brainstem
  • The Vagus nerve, infections
The course
This weekend is a condensed version of the integrative neuroimmunology program's barrier protection system course with a specific focus on clinical application. The reduced scientific content allows for a more clinically and practically oriented program.
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Seminar timings:

  • Saturday 2nd June:  09.00 to 18.00
  • Sunday 3rd June: 09.00 to 18.00

Registration details:

Seminar prices: Book and pay before 4th May 2018 and benefit from the Early Bird discount:

  • Members: 450 € - Members with KMO portefeuille*: 270 €
  • Non members: 480 € - Non members with KMO portefeuille*: 288 €

Standard price (payment after 4th May 2018):

  • Members: 550 € - Members with KMO portefeuille*: 330 €
  • Non members: 580 € - Non members with KMO portefeuille*: 348 €

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*KMO Portefeuille registration:

Please note that if your business is established in Belgium and you are using the KMO portefeuille, please register for the course with us first by email (icakbenelux [at] gmail [dot] com (icakbenelux [at] gmail [dot] com)). Then register online with KMO portefeuille ( using the following information: ICAK Benelux; our registration number: DV.O225279; name of the course participant; the start date of the seminar and the cost of the seminar.

If you are using the KMO portefeuille, you will need to register before 12th  May.

To register (non KMO portefeuille):

Please send an email to icakbenelux [at] gmail [dot] com (icakbenelux [at] gmail [dot] com) including your full contact information and professional status. Registration is complete once your payment has been received.


Payment Information:

Please transfer fees to:
IBAN: BE20 2800 7343 0956
Account info: 2627 Schelle, Belgium

N.B. Please state your name on the payment transfer

Seminar location

The seminar will take place at the 
Holiday Inn Diegem Brussels Airport
The hotel offers free shuttle service
from/to the airport.