Christopher Smith May 25-26, 2019

Special Module with Christopher Smith - MAY 25-26, 2019

Functional Genetics & Epigenetics

  • Turning genes on and off by Methylation and Acetylation
  • Examining Methylation and Transulfation using new Methylation test kit
  • History and development of Biophotons and their correlation to the 23 pairs of human chromosomes
  • Using the Chromosomal acetates to make definitive genetic diagnoses
  • Centromere mineral co-factors
  • Full explanation for functional testing of each chromosome
  • Correcting chromosomal expression
  • Subconscious emotional genetic patterns
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • New Dural torque technique using UV light


Location: Van der Valk Antwerp


Date: Sat. May 25th. 9.00-18.00h and Sunday 26th. 10.00-16.00h. (we start later on Sunday to give the Belgiums the opportunity to vote for the European, federal and regional elections).

Fee: € 475,-  (for the Flemish: KMO-portefeuille available = -40%)

Organisation: Profon BV

Bankaccount: IBAN: NL71 INGB 0006 7103 66    BIC: INGBNL2A



Chris Astill-Smith is a Registered Osteopath graduating from the British School of Osteopathy 1970. Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at the British School of Osteopathy 1973-80 and in Arthrology and Myology 1981-89. He obtained his Diplomate from the International College of Applied Kinesiology 1988 and lectures internationally on Functional Biochemistry most weekends. Awarded Assistant Professor status at the Institute for Manual Medicine, Russia 1992. Chris calls upon 41 years of experience of clinical management and will share with you his extensive knowledge in the subject as well as a multitude of clinical pearls.




 “Chris Astill-Smith is the true physician, he applies the healing action of Applied Kinesiology with the knowledge, love and the intelligent intuition that comes from his grasp of functional physiology.  Best of all he teaches this in a clearly competent fashion.”


George J. Goodheart D.C., D.I.B.A.K.,




"Chris Astill-Smith is a renowned teacher and one of the most creative AK thinkers in the world. He will impress you by both his vast knowledge and his simple clinical applications."


Walter H. Schmitt. Jr., D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N.




"Chris Astill-Smith has the ability to make the most complex biochemistry both simple and easy to understand and incorporate into everyday practice. His 41 years of clinical experience and vast knowledge make Chris one of the great teachers in the world today. I cannot recommend his seminars more highly."


Eric Pierotti DC DO Ch.D (Adel) President ICAK




Chris is a master of nutrition. His ideas have bailed me out of countless situations. My years of clinical experience tell me what to do when I find a nutritional deficiency, but Chris has taught me how to answer the question of etiology with confidence."


Michael Allen D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N.